shutterstock 714642313Services:
  • Examinations For Discovery
  • Examinations in Aid of Execution
  • Cross-Examinations on Affidavit
  • Conventions/Conferences/Arbitrations
  • Boards of Inquiry
  • Professional and Disciplinary Hearings
  • American Depositions
  • Police/Provincial and Federal Interview Transcription
  • Certified Transcription in Word/PDF and .txt
  • Digital Recording to Server
  • Scanning of Documents & Exhibits
  • Recording to Compact Disc
  • Micro-cassette Transcription
  • Digital Video Conference/Skype
  • Medical Transcription
  • Travel throughout Canada, USA, and abroad

services teleconferencePortfolio:
  • Federal Court of Canada
  • Tax Court of Canada
  • Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada
  • Mutual Fund Dealers Association
  • Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board
  • Workers' Compensation Appeals Tribunal
  • Department of Labour and Advanced Education
  • Knowledge House Trial
  • Point Aconi Trial
  • Sydney Tar Ponds Hearing
  • Natural Gas Hearing
  • Commission of Inquiry re. Donald Marshall Jr. (Compensation Hearing)

  • Barry J.Mason

    “We have been using Drake Recording Services Limited in our practice over the past two decades. I have found Drake Recording Services Limited to be reliable, accurate and professional. I have no reservation in recommending Drake Recording Services Limited for your discovery needs."
    - Barry J.Mason, Q.C, Presse Mason
  • Marco Wynnyckyj

    "Drake Recording Services Limited has always been a great professional services provider to the MFDA. Their customer service
    is top-notch and their court reporters are the best in the area.  We truly enjoy working with Drake because they have helped
    serve our cases efficiently by providing excellent service."
    - Marco Wynnyckyj, Manager, Hearings Administration, MFDA
  • Tim Hill, Q.C., Boyne Clarke LLP

    "I have used Drake Recording Services Limited as my first choice since 1986. I can say without fear of contradiction that in all those years Phil and her staff have provided exemplary service, and I cannot recall ever having to deal with any error on their part. I would heartily recommend Drake to any legal professional seeking reliable and accurate recording services. In my view, Drake is simply the best."
    - Tim Hill, Q.C., Boyne Clarke LLP
  • Raymond L. Wagner, Q.C.Founder, Wagners Law

    “I have had the pleasure of using Drake Recording Services Limited for over the past 35 years. In my experience their service, speed, and competence are of the highest quality, which gives me assurance that this recommendation is well deserved.”
    - Raymond L. Wagner, Q.C., Founder, Wagners Law
  • Paul Allen at NSUARB

    “Drake has always provided us with competent, professional and courteous service. They are a pleasure to deal with.”
    - Paul Allen, CPA CA, NSUARB